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ISIS@MACH webROADSHOW 25-29 May 2020

Users are introduced to the potential and research opportunities, services and access procedures to...

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A new Research Infrastructure for Composite Materials

 Seminario - Aula “U.M. Grassano”, Dipartimento di Fisica Giovedì , 19 Dicembre 2019, ore 13,30 ISIS@MACH: A new...

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I neutroni per svelare i segreti di antiche ossa combuste

In un recente studio sperimentale su resti ossei combusti provenienti da differenti siti archeologici italiani di epoche differenti -...

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NEURO ConTE towards clinical applications

The Project NEURO ConTE - Self-grating carbon nanotubes on polymers for...

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Functionalized DNA nanostructure for cancer treatment

DNA, for its intrinsic properties of high stability, biocompatibility and versatility, is an extremely suitable polymer to build...

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Neutrons to unveil the secrets of Violins and Egyptian artifacts

Scientists from NAST Centre are now able to capture previously elusive details about ancient Italian violins, by Amati and Testore,...

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